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About game:

Doodieman is the developer of Whack Your Boss, a Platform and Fun video game. We are glad to tell you that you are no longer under clouds since the stress-reliever Whack Your Boss is here to help you. This video game is famous for being a place to help its player to manage their anger without harming their souls. As its title indicates, what you will have to do throughout the gameplay of Whack Your Boss is finding all the seventeen ways to whack your boss.

The game offers the sketchy graphics. You will find everything in the game well drawn by hands. While most of the things you see are in black and white, the objects that are in colors whenever you tap on them are available to be used. After each time you cause a crime scene, there will be a cleaning man, who helps you clean the mess and let the next boss come and annoy you.

The object that you can use can be anything, such as a torch, bin, umbrella or even a used pizza box. The game gives you advice after you complete a whack. In an addition to that, listening to the character’s speech may be a kind way to improve your English listening skills. Are you interest in Whack Your Boss after reading the below information? Let’s go!

Whack Your Boss Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the computer mouse cursor and tap on the objects to interact with them.

Tips and tricks:

This game is not suitable for children under the age of eighteen, as it contains violence. Players must consider carefully before entering the game.

The chair’s action seems like the most tolerate way of them all.

Whack Your Boss Walkthrough

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