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About game:

Do you feel like playing a Shooter video game now? No matter if you do or not, this Shooter video game Tank Trouble, developed by Danish Mads Purup, will blow your mind. Tank Trouble serves addictive gameplay, which allows you to control a tank and play against one or three other tanks.

The game supports three different game modes. In the Laika mode, you will be put into battle against the computer Laika dog. The other modes, “2 Players” and “3 players” allow you to invite your friends to come and play with you. There will be a maze in each level, where you and your opponents spend most of your time. You have to find all the way to your opponents, release bullets and kill them.

As you release the bullets, they will be floating in the air and destroy whatever touches them. That element seems like the two separated sides of a knight, which means that it can kill either you or your enemies. The game provides you with very simple graphics, thrilling sounds and loads of challenging levels. You will not know who the winner of each battle is, until the death calls out a name. Stay tuned!

Tank Trouble Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the arrow keys to make the tank move.

Press the M button to shoot.

Tips and tricks:

If you are too lazy to shoot your opponent, or you are too scared of him in the hard levels, you can hide far away from him and wait until he kills himself by mistake.

You should not release bullets in the places that are packed like sardines.

Tank Trouble Walkthrough

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