Run 2

The series of Run game:

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Run 2 Overview

Run 2 is a continuation of Run game. The game space seems to be different but more exciting. The rules are the same. Try to keep your character running over the blocks and keep away from the holes on the way.

Run, jump and ignore the laws of physics. You can use the arrow keys to either run or skate through the 3 dimensional courses.

About Run Game

Are you looking for some funny online action or sport games? There are series of an awesome runner-type action game including Run 1, Run 2, and Run 3 to bring you the most enjoyable experiences in adventures. The players control a little gray alien guy and run through physical blocks. Imagine that you are a fast-paced racer who is exploring an endless race.

While the character is running, you can jump, climb roll or leap not to hit the obstacles. The game is very easy to play but easy to die as well. Try to collect all rewards along the way such as coins or gold. You can use them to upgrade or buy power-ups.

Remember that you cannot stop running because the way is moving ahead with a lot of challenges. How far can your run?