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About game:

Learn To Fly which was developed by Light Bringer Games is an interesting Flying Platform game. Game with simple graphics, unique gameplay, with fun elements will make you feel relaxed after a long day. The main character in Learn To Fly is a penguin. It has wings, and it wants to fly. The penguin goes to a snowy mountain and it will slide down. At the end of the slope is a launch pad, and the penguin will fly high. Your mission is to help the bird fly effectively!

You will have many things to do such as adjusting the force of the slide, the time to use the assistive tools, the flying angle ... On the way, there will be obstacles and you need to overcome them to achieve results. the best. After completing a flight, the game will show you the information about the flight and some bonuses.

With bonuses, you can buy better tools for penguins. You can upgrade launchers, buy missiles, ... to help the penguin fly high and farther. I am sure you will like this game, because it's really fun!

Learn To Fly Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use the left / right arrow keys to adjust the angle for your penguin.

Use the mouse to interact (buy items, upgrades, start the game...)

Tips and tricks:

Buy support tools as soon as you have enough money!

Practice many times and get used to the penguin's movement!

Learn To Fly Walkthrough

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