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About game:

Welcome to Fleeing The Complex, a great Puzzle video game developed by Puffballs United. In this exciting game, you will control a character named Henry. When starting the game, you see you in a building. Around you are many other criminals. And from this moment, your nightmare begins. You face diseases, thugs, and other traps ...

Your mission is to overcome the difficulties in the building. The game will have different options for you. With each option, it will lead to a different outcome. You need to rely on luck to make the right choices. Good choices will make your life better while bad choices will worsen your situation.

Fleeing The Complex provides simple graphics and it helps you feel happy while playing the game for several hours. Note that every time you have a bad option, you will face the puzzles that the game offers. Please turn on the speaker when playing this game because its sound is really interesting. Have a nice day!

Fleeing The Complex Unblocked:

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How to play:

Pick the option you want by left click!

Tips and tricks:

Notice the man's words, which are suggestions for you.

Turn on the speaker when playing the game for a perfect experience!

Fleeing the Complex Walkthrough

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