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About game:

Somewhere in the world of games, there is a Bomb battle waiting for you. You do not need time to find out because the battle we are talking about here is in Bomb It 7. This wonderful Platform & Maze video game is developed and published by Agame.

In this video game, you will have the chance to take the role of one of the cuties that the game offers. Of course, each character in Bomb It 7 owns special abilities and unique skills. All that you have to do in the gameplay of Bomb It 7 is releasing bombs, and then try your best to kill the other opponents in the same playground. The game owns plenty of amazing game modes, such as Arcade, Battle Royale, New Pac-man and even more.

Each mode’s objective is shown in the Options screen, so you may have a sneak peek at what you have to do and prepare yourself for it. In an addition to that, the game gives you the allowance to modify the numbers of players, enemies, and levels in each battle. The Arena and level of difficulty can also be chosen, which makes your gaming experience more comfortable. Let’s have some fun with Bomb It 7 now!

Bomb It 7 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Move with the arrow keys and A/S/D/W buttons.

Bomb with the Space bar or Enter button.

Tips and tricks:

Do not let your own bombs kill you.

You can try to lock your opponent with the bombs and kill them completely after some shots.

Bomb It 7 Walkthrough

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