A Review of Run 3

by Future_Bright on 05/04/17 05:25:00 pm


Run is back for the 3rd time and it's better than ever! If you love the thrill of a chase, Run 3 is sure to get you hooked. Run through different obstacles, jump over holes and other dangers. See how far you will go in this addictive platform game. And as to be expected it has greatly improved on the previous installments. But like the previous version, the menu is bland as usual.

People love this game because it is minimalistic and has simple controls, though it also is so difficult that it makes it frustrating to play. Yet, you keep coming back because you are just determined to beat your score! So even though it ends up exasperating you, you can’t help but keep playing and trying out new levels.

Unlike other endless runner games, the goal in Run 3 is not just surviving as long as possible but also to complete the current level, while it throws different obstacles to your way. In the game, given that you are on space, obstacles come in form of loose planks a person can stumble upon. The game play is accompanied by well-fitted audio, and it really adds on the overall ambience.

Run 3 provides a nearly ideal setting to put the player into a flow state. The task is challenging, but not impossible. The interface is tightly coupled. Player choices create results quickly. It feels like you are being skillful. There is no time for stray thoughts. Pure candy for autotelic personalities. Tight little circles of activities that pass through small anxiety, arousal, quick reaction, a small sense of control and a moment of relaxation, before the next level.

Run 3 Galaxy Map


You are an alien running through an endless obstacle course set in space. Avoid the gaps by jumping over them and watch out for loose planks which will fall away if you step on them. If you get far enough, you’ll start to unlock new characters and game modes. So keep playing as much as you can! As the action speeds up and you get into a rhythm, running can be very enjoyable.

Along the way there are coins to be collected, but their placement will torment you. Finding all the special coins in a set is tricky enough. But once you do, the game spawns another set—more ruthlessly positioned than the last. You can blast through Run 3 levels in an afternoon, but then that's true of most Run games.

You only get one life per game, so one leap into the abyss or stepping on the loose planks will immediately spell your doom. If you've accrued enough coins during your adventures, you'll have the choice of either continuing the level or restarting the game. Your coins can also purchase character upgrades and power ups, so if you'd rather spend your cash on getting new characters you'll probably restart Run 3 numerous times.


Control your character with the keyboard. Use the arrow keys or WASD to run and jump. You also can use the spacebar to jump.

Run 3 Characters


Run 3 comes with several playable characters to be unlocked, all with special abilities and different upgrade paths, though there more ways to have a running advantage. There are power ups you can buy with the coins you will find on your runs.

Graphics and sound.

Run 3 game comes with simple yet amazing graphics and a nice theme tune, all reasons why it’s highly addictive. Playing the sound and music adds to the thrill and excitement of the game. Run 3 music makes you feel as if you are running towards a very big goal. Turn off the sound and the music and this game will be totally different.


  • If you loved the Run series or love running games, Run 3 is a great sequel with lots of new content and more heart-pounding action.
  • Unlimited options - You can jump over obstacles and run along walls.
  • Find new characters with greater abilities to help you survive. The first character you can unlock is a skater – who goes much, much faster.
  • It’s worth noting that you can sometimes make it back into the safety of the tunnels, even when you fall into space.
  • Many levels- Run, jump, float and bounce through space tunnels to complete each level.
  • Unique graphics combine 3D game play with a cartoon style.
  • Easy controls make this game simple to play.
  • Beautiful galaxy and sky theme.
  • Awesome user interface.
  • Background music breaks the monotony of silent end runner games. The great audio effects combined with the unique graphics boost your imagination thereby easily putting you in the shoes of the runner. This fully immerses you into the game and make it highly addictive.


  • The game developer should consider putting character select into the pause menu; some characters (like the lizard) seem really situational, and being able to swap to (and from) them on the fly seems like it'd be a good idea.
  • The game could do with per-character high scores. When you fall off the first time, it would submit your score to that character's scoreboard, and then you could respawn and go for an overall high score.
  • Run 3's biggest problem isn't its lack of obstacle variety or progression. It's not that every path is a straight line and none of the scenery is very interesting (much less graphically impressive). It's that many instances aren't challenging; they're simply unfair. Even perfect timing or accurate coordination won’t help. It’s pure luck.


This game was developed by Joseph Cloutier, an American indie developer.


Run 3 is time well spent. It offers an addictive experience but the real fun starts when you run through enough of the coins on your path to activate power-ups. The music, the environment, the graphics are all soothing. And it has all the right stuff for thrill seekers; avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, power ups, and all kinds of other stuff. It also comes with achievements, leaderboards, and there is even character unlocking. Its quick play, addicting nature, and simple controls makes it an accessible game that virtually anyone can pick up and play. It could’ve been more challenging, but otherwise it’s a great play. Run 3 is a solid overall effort that hits all of the right buttons.

Video Play by DingKul